Your Ideal Holiday Getaway, Based On Your Horoscope

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Your Ideal Holiday Getaway, Based On Your Horoscope

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We start off the month of May with Labour Day on 1st May, and end off the month with Vesak day on 29th May. With two public holidays in tow, you don’t need more excuses to take a break and go on a getaway in May!

With so many unexplored places on earth, it may be hard to decide on your preferred travel destination. However, the stars have something in stored for everyone this year, so we’ve got a list of destinations, based on your horoscope to help you get some travel inspiration.


Have you ever met someone who was fearless, energetic, and always craving for something dynamic? Chances are, this person is an Aries.  With your active, trail-blazer personality, you tend to live life at a frantic pace. Take a break from your hectic city life and opt for a short getaway. Be the star of your own “Eat, Pray, Love” movie at slow-paced destinations, like Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. The stunningly beautiful rice fields, sounds of prayers as the sun sets, and the smell of incense makes Ubud a pleasure for all your senses.


Hardworking, persistent and even a little bit stubborn. These words are often used to describe a Taurus. A Taurus has a single-minded belief that comfort is as important as style. For you, it’s all about relaxing in elegance. For a Taurus, a paradise would be an island with sun-dappled waters, boutique luxury accommodation and waking up to breakfast in bed. The Whitsunday Islands in Australia has the best of both worlds for a Taurus – a perfect landscape of lagoons and beaches, along with a stay at an exclusive luxury resort.


Gemini craves variety and often can’t settle on a specific style for very long.  You love eclectic prints, colour, and accents. When it comes to colourful landscapes and vibrant cities, nobody does it better than India. Jaipur, known as India’s “Pink city” is characterized by pink buildings, vibrant architecture and bright coloured saris. The splash of colours in a flamboyant city like Jaipur is perfect for the adventurous Gemini.


Caring, loving and nurturing, you love nothing more than sharing a home cooked meal with your closest friends. With your sentimental nature, a romantic getaway with your partner can help you recharge. While Paris is often dubbed as the City of Love, there are other romantic destinations that you can opt for. In Florence, Italy, you can steal a sunset kiss at the Piazzale Michelangelo and people watch along the banks of the Arno River. The city is filled with brilliant architectural masterpieces, including cathedrals that will make a romantic backdrop for you and your partner.


Are you bold, theatrical and even a little overly dramatic? Your friends love you for your light-hearted and fun-loving personality. Your extroverted nature makes you the life of a party, and there’s no better place to party than in Bangkok. Along Royal City Avenue in Huai Khwang district, Bangkok is bustling with neon lighted streets, scantily clad party-goers and alluring clubs. It is the perfect destination for Leos get lost in the music and emerge refreshed.


The sign that tends toward perfectionism most is Virgo. You value a clean, orderly and zen-like space. Without unruly crowds or dirty streets, Virgos will immensely enjoy a trip to Hokkaido, Japan. Sip a cup of hot green tea while you soak in the tranquility and peace that characterizes the snow-white streets of Hokkaido.


Ruled by beauty-planet Venus, you love an elegant home filled with pretty things. As a great admirer of physical beauty, you aim for style and strive to make everything aspect of your life visually appealing, even on your Instagram feed.  For a Venus, Santorini, Greece should be on your travel bucket list as it is the place for a perfect no filter picture. The whitewashed houses on sloping cliffs, cobalt blue skies, volcanic craters and the glistening Aegean Sea, make every corner of Santorini picture worthy.


Scorpios are one of the most private people. You value time spent alone, and have little desire for big crowds, buzzy hostels and parties that last until dawn. Your idea of a well-balanced trip may be time spent alone on a mountain path or exploring quiet pockets of culture. Slovenia, a country in Central Europe, offers a pronounced solitary calm that Scorpios will love. With snow-capped peaks, turquoise-green Lake Bled and Venetian-style coastline, Scorpios will feel rejuvenated and at peace after a trip to Slovenia.


With an adventurous, global and philosophical mindset, a Sagittarius is a curious spirit. You dread staying behind closed doors, and often dream of wandering outside, exploring the world. Go on your next adventure in Taiwan. Contrary to popular belief, Taiwan’s landscape does not only consist of skyscrapers and tall buildings. Challenge yourself to Taroko Gorge’s hiking trials that cater to both leisure hikers and professional trekkers and get rewarded with massive marble cliffs, blue streams and pagodas surrounded by green forests.


As the zodiac’s tenth sign, Capricorn traits include ambition, drive and leadership. You enjoy being in the epicenter of things. People like you, the dreamers, the doers, the never-settlers: they all want to have a taste of bustling New York City. Like a Capricorn, New York City wears many crowns – City of the arts, dining and shopping capital, trendsetter.


Aquarius are usually technology-savvy, rebellious and a little bit eccentric. Aquarius is the sign of the trendsetter and trailblazer, and has a fierce need for rebellion. There’s no better place than the streets of Harajuku, in Tokyo, to celebrate your unconventional personality. Labeled as the epicenter of Tokyo’s eccentric youth culture, Harajuku exists in its own bubble. The Aquarius can fit right into Harajuku, a vibrant place with bright clothes, dramatic makeup and plentiful of accessories.


Pisces have a strong appreciation for meditation or music. With a natural dreamy nature, you have a strong affinity for serenity. A serene stroll down a scenic route would be the perfect holiday destination for a Pisces. Bagan in Myanmar, with an impressive architectural landscape of ancient temples, will give you a sense of tranquility and peace.

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